M. Hassan Stewart (medinasoul) wrote in roc_a_fella,
M. Hassan Stewart

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new member

just wanted to say whassup yall... new member to the community.... i'm a 24 year old Muslim brother...

i used to be a jay-z fan when Reasonable Doubt first came out (*still love that cd) but when the three volume cds came out i personally think he fell off.... plus being a giant Nas fan i wasnt feel Jay's disses towards Nasty Nas (i still think Nas took it) but it brought out the best in both camps

when Freeway dropped his album is when i started checkin out the Roc again.... after buying his album i noticed the State Property Chain Gang CD and saw that everyone on it was on Free's album so i copped it and have been a big Roc fan ever since....

i now own Freeway, Kanye West, Young Gunz, both SP cds, the State Prop movie, and am bout to get Cam'ron's Come Home Wit Me cd.... also lookin forward to State Prop the movie 2!!

so yo holla atcha boy!!
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