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Regarding the video of Jay-z!

I know you guys have been seeing the video of Jay-z lately in lj post and community post. So I think I found the story behind it. soulonfiyah commented on the kanye_west_fans and said this.

"That's way old and it's not bad like they make it out to be. It's from the movie Backstage that came out in 2000. I have watched this movie several times and it's clear that he and the girl are playing. She's like one of his closest childhood friends. Her name is Cha-ka Pilgrim and she still works for Rocafella. You can see her name in Kanye's thank-yous.

What this animation doesn't show is her hitting him back and him telling her, "I taught you well." At the end everyone is laughing, including Cha-ka.

Can't believe anyone would actually think this animation tells the whole story. The film was produced and released by Rocafilms so do you actually think that they would have kept Jigga hitting a girl in there? Now I know Rocafella likes to present their artists as tough but not against females. Plus, if actual abuse did occur, much hell would have been raised when this film first came out a few years ago."

So there you guys have it. The story behind the video.
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